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Revolutionary New Concept of Acute Stroke Care

Brain Attack:

Since both stroke and heart attack are caused by vascular diseases of various causes. Modern medicine and Stroke Neurosurgeon nowadays consider stroke as 'brain attack'. Its care, either preventive or emergency treatments are similar to that of heart attack.


Not an Accident can be Prevented and Controlled:

Nowadays, stroke is not considered to be an accident (cerebrovascular accident), actually with recent medical advances, all stroke can be prevented and controlled.

Stroke risks screening program and stroke prophylactic treatments: 

Given the disease burden of strokes, prevention is an important public health concern. As Stroke Neurosurgeons, we do not want to treat acute stroke, due to much higher risks are involved in emergency settings. However we are forced to do so in order to save lives of patients who are suffering from  acute stroke. Actually we want to prevent stroke by promoting stroke risks screening program and stroke prophylactic treatments.


Stroke can be Cured and Stroke Survivor can be a normal person:

If being treated within Golden 3 to 8 Hours, all stroke symptoms may be reversible and stroke can be cured; leaving stroke survivors to live a normal life without suffering from any permanent neurological deficit.

Early Proactive Treatments to Rescue Brain Cells before patients’ Deterioration:

Traditional stroke treatments were mainly focus to treat stroke’s complications, not to urgently rescue our brain cells in terms of seconds & minutes. With traditional manner, treating stoke were just involving “wait and observe” until patients’ conditions deteriorated; so called “late and passive” traditional stroke treatments. Nowadays Stroke Neurosurgeons prefer a more “proactive” manner to treat stroke patients, immediate after their symptoms onset, to rescue brain cells urgently in terms of seconds & minutes, starting intervening treatment much earlier before patients’ delayed deterioration, so as to minimize brain damage and delayed brain swelling. 


Search and Treat the Real Cause of Stroke to Prevent Further Stroke within short period of time:

With traditional stroke treatments, most treatments were just empirical medications, without searching for the real cause of stroke; nowadays Stroke Neurosurgeons prefer high quality MRI angiogram or cerebral angiogram to search for the real cause of stroke and treat accordingly; so as to prevent stroke from recurring within short period of time.

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