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Stroke Rehabilitation

When stroke occurs, brain cells are damaged excessively and some of our brain function is lost.

Stroke Rehabilitation should begin as soon as the patient's medical condition has been stabilized. The first aim is to prevent such secondary problems as stiff joints, falls, bedsores and pneumonia. 


Stroke patients may suffer from disabilities in different areas depending on the part of the brain affected and the severity.

The first six months after stroke is the Golden-Months for greatest neurological recovery and improvement. From six months onward, recovery progress will begin to slow down over the other 18 months. Therefore it is crucial to grasp the first six months of Golden Rehabilitation Period. Significant neurological improvement at limbs power, awareness and consciousness are expected in most patients if adequate clinical care are provided.

Image by Hal Gatewood
MRI 掃描圖像

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help patients reacquire the ability to carry out the basic activities of daily living, so that they can achieve maximum functionality and independence. After rehabilitation, patients are expected to return to an active and productive lifestyle. 

Even though stroke rehabilitation cannot reverse the brain damage, a carefully directed, systematic rehabilitation programme can substantially help patients to reach their maximum potential to live normal lives.

HKBSSP provides quality stroke care and assists patients and their relatives with rehabilitation arrangements. Stroke Rehabilitation team involves doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Depending on the situation of the patient, individualised programmes are set up specifically suited to the patient's needs in order to regain body functions, mobility, memory, cognitive function, communication skills, and self-care ability.

Rehabilitation can also be arranged to take place at hospitals, sanatorium or home if needed. Depend on individual's need, Traditional Chinese Medicine i.e. acupuncture, Chinese massage, herbal medicine will be part of the rehabilitation programmes.

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