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Stroke Risk Screening

Image by Milad Fakurian
Image by Hal Gatewood

Stroke is formed as a result of cerebral vascular deficits, its incidence increases exponentially from 30 years of age. In fact, the signs of stroke are traceable through risk screening, in which we can identify the health status of the cerebral vessels, intervention can be taken to lower the risk of strokes.

It is advised to conduct a regular brain check up, and the frequency depends on your age group as follow:


30 - 40 years old

5 - 8 years

40 - 60 years old

5  years

over 60 years old

3 - 5  years

HKBSSP offers a comprehensive Stroke Screening Programme, screening individuals for known risk factors of stroke and implementing management of modifiable risk factors, the programme includes:


Clinical Screening

  • Detailed medical history taking

  • Measurement of: body weight, height, blood pressure and BMI

  • Electrocardiography (ECG)

  • Detailed neurological, vascular & stroke risk assessment and explanation of results by our vascular neurosurgeon 


Optional Items

  • Clotting Profile

  • Comprehensive Cancer Marker Profile

  • Chest X-ray


Laboratory Test Screening

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Diabetic Screening

  • Lipid Profile

  • Full Liver Functions

  • Renal / Kidney Functions

  • Gout Screening / Uric acid

  • Urine Routine Analysis

Our vascular neurosurgeon will evaluate the test results from the above items, and will recommend further neuro-radiological imaging, electro-neuro-physiological study & any related tests if necessary. 

For further information of what each item includes and price, please contact us via +852 2367 6116 or make a booking now.

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