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Trigeminal Nerve Treatment

1. Medications:

Initial stage of treatment is drug therapy for one or two months. The effectiveness of drugs in controlling the pain can help clinical diagnosis. But medications can only be a temporary solution, not a permanent cure for the true cause of trigeminal neuralgia that is: external factors compressing on the nerve and make it short-circuit.

Generally doctor will consider medications for:

  • ​​Its effective pain control

  • Without intolerable side effects to patients: sleepy and drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, etc

  • Patient do not want procedure or surgery

  • Patient are not suitable for procedure or surgery​

Commonly used drugs include:

  • Antiepileptic drugs

  • Pain medication

  • Antidepressants

  • Muscle relaxants

2. Interventional Procedures:

  • Trigeminal nerve injection therapy

  • Semilunar ganglion injection of alcohol treatment

  • Semilunar ganglion radio-frequency electrocoagulation therapy

  • Balloon pressure for semilunar ganglion compression

3. Microsurgery:

Microvascular decompression of trigeminal nerve:

  • Nowadays the most commonly used and effective treatment for trigeminal neuralgia

  • Under microscope, neurosurgeon will separate the blood vessels from compressing the trigeminal nerve, thus removing the origin of short-circuit that cause pain

  • Operation required general anaesthesia

  • Wound, of few cm long, is mainly behind the ears and the hair line

4. Radiosurgery:

  • Cyberknife radiosurgery for those patients who are not suitable for procedure or surgery

If delaying treatment, what would be the consequences?

  • Prolonged pressure on the nerve will cause irreversible diseased changes at nerve, thus reduce the cure rates of microsurgery

  • Social issues: trigeminal neuralgia may make patients unable to carry out normal social interaction and daily activities

  • Emotional disturbances: chronic pain can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts

How to determine if they are suffering from trigeminal neuralgia?

Before any invasive procedure or surgery, you should seek professional advice:

  • Dentists

  • Neurosurgeons

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